Yoga or Pilates–What Would be Best for Me?

Yoga is a physical and mental discipline originating in India, which combines meditative practices and postures (called asanas). Pilates is a physical-fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates in Germany. Both Yoga and Pilates offer all the benefits of exercise, but there are some differences between the two.

Relief from depression or anxiety
Mental and emotional health

Weight loss
Toning and strengthening
Relief from back pain
Physical prowess


What Should I Wear? What Should I Bring?

 All equipment is provided. For Yoga, we have mats, blocks, straps, kneeling pads, blankets and bolsters. For Pilates, we have sophisticated and specialized equipment including, but not limited to, Reformers, springboards, Mve platform chairs, arches, orbits.

Wear comfortable clothes–t-shirts and leggings or sweat pants or any stretchy clothing you might wear around the house. For Pilates, make sure you wear clothing that won’t catch on the equipment.

Both Yoga and Pilates are normally practiced barefoot, but there are socks with toes and sticky soles for cold feet and soft-soled shoes made for those who aren’t comfortable barefoot.


What if I’m Inactive or Elderly?

If you’ve not exercised recently, beginning a Yoga or Pilates practice is a very safe and effective way to get back in shape and start feeling good again. Our Restorative and Chair Yoga class, pictured here, is designed especially for those who have difficulty getting down to the floor and back up again. It may be a good starting point for you. Or you may opt for personal training, which can be designed especially for your individual needs.