Pilates focuses on core muscles that provide support for the spine and help to keep the body balanced and strong. Pilates programs at Volk’s Yoga and Pilates Studio utilize sophisticated and specialized equipment such as Reformers, springboards, Mve platform chairs, arches and orbits.


Pilates training begins with one or more personal training sessions taught by the studio owner, Jeany Volk. These sessions prepare you to work with the equipment safely and help you to graduate quickly from newbie to beginner.

Prices for introductory training leading to class attendance, are:

  • First one-hour session: $25 for one person
  • Up-to-three additional introductory sessions as needed: $33 for each session

Pilates student barefoot

To sign up for introductory Pilates training, please complete our Personal Training Request form to let us know a little about you.


When your introductory training is complete, Jeany will place you in a class that is appropriate for you. Prices for these classes are:

  • One person (individual training package), $600 for 10 sessions
  • Two people, $300 each for 10 sessions
  • Three people, $200 each for 10 sessions
  • Four people, $150 each for 10 sessions
  • Five or more people, $130 each for 10 sessions