Thank you in advance for an honest comment about the benefits of Yoga, Pilates or personal training at the Volk’s Yoga and Pilates Studio.


  1. I absolutely love your Pilates classes, Jeany! You have something really special at your studio and I admire you in so many ways! I have comfort in knowing that I am getting an extremely knowledgeable instructor in the art of Pilates in a safe space. I know you will make sure I don’t injure myself…it’s as if you have eyes in the back of your head! 👀 You ROCK!

  2. Oh, I wish I’d known of Jeany, her skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and peaceful concern 50 years ago! (Of course, SHE may have just been born!) Jeany leads and encourages each of us at our own level, explains correct movement, urges us to practice often and enjoy our time together. I could not recommend Volk’s Yoga more highly.

  3. Jeany is an excellent teacher. Her love and concern for her students shines through every class. I especially appreciate her attention to proper form and the way she is able to adapt the various yoga poses for all levels. I’ve been a student of Jeany’s for almost ten years. She is the best!

    Jeff Ingram
  4. I started classes with Jeany over 3 years ago and can honestly say, at the time I really didn’t know much about yoga or really what to expect. I have learned so much over the past few years from Jeany. She is kind, patient and a very knowledgeable instructor. One of the many things I appreciate is that she will modify any pose for anyone with any kind of issue, be it knees, shoulders, wrists or whatever to make it safe and comfortable for all. I only attend one class per week but that is time I look forward to and rarely miss if I can help it. With what I’ve learned in class I’m now motivated to practice at home on my own. I’ve made friends I wouldn’t have otherwise and am so grateful for finding Jeany and all she has taught me. Namaste’

    Rose Annala
  5. Finding a yoga studio was at the top of my list when I moved to Newport in 2004. I tried every studio and teacher in the area, but after taking only a few classes with Jeany, I knew that I had found a yoga instructor who surpassed all of my expectations. Jeany’s training, knowledge and experience is vast and her enthusiasm for her craft is readily apparent. She easily bonds with each of her students and conducts classes with each of our individual issues in mind. Yoga and Pilates sessions at Volk’s Studio are fun, varied, friendly and are held in a bright beautiful studio space with an amazing collection of equipment and props. Look no further, I will vouch for this studio and Jeany as being the best around.

    Darlene Croteau
  6. I would absolutely recommend Volk’s Pilates Studio for individuals recovering from a surgery or just needing a little help getting motivated to live life better especially since we all are getting older. I have been truly blessed working with Jeany these past months. She has customized a program that not only help with my overall heath, my recovery from neck surgery; I am now looking forward to a 2-day 50-mile hike in the Grand Canyon this fall. Men are welcomed.

  7. I am happy to tell you, I was blessed with being able to take Jeany’s classes for many years, until I moved out of state.
    Jeany is a professional teacher who graces the coast with her experience and knowledge. She is supportive and thoughtful with every single student.
    Her kind of knowledge only comes from a lifetime of teaching. She helps you work your body to your personally best ability. She is an amazing teacher. I miss her and wished she would move to my state.

    Shannon Rowley
  8. I am considerably out of shape but getting better every yoga class. Jeany is an excellent teacher, keeping me safe while encouraging me to participate to the fullest extent possible.


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