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Personal Training on the Pilates Reformer, Springboards, Mve platform chairs, Pilates arches, orbits and various other equipment

Trainer: Jeany Volk
30 years Teaching Experience
In Exercise Physiology and The Science of Movement.

The Pilates Equipment is uniquely designed, using a resistance system of cables and springs. Build long lean muscles while enhancing core stability and strength. Improve balance, flexibility and coordination while relieving back pain and stress.

Programs Designed with your needs in mind

Pilates training for a group format---not applicable for clients who only wish to train as privates or as doubles
1st session special $25.00/ 1 hour session
3* individual training sessions at $30.00 a session----1 person
2 people $20.00 ea . a session
3 people 17.00 a session
* The # of individual training sessions for a group format can be adjusted according to need

Individual Personal Training/1 Hour Session
$45.00 ea.
or 10 sessions for $350.00

Two person group sessions using the Reformer, Tower, Mve Platform and Springboard
$35.00 ea. a session or 10 sessions for $250.00 ea.

Three Person group training sessions
$21.00 ea. a session or 10 sessions for $180.00 ea.

Four Person group training sessions
$17.00 ea. a session or 10 sessions for $140ea.

Five Person and above group training sessions
$15.00 each a session or 10 sessions for $120 ea.

Private Yoga, Ball or Abdominal toning classes are also available

Sessions held at:
The Stanley Building, (Ouderkirk and Hollen) 616 SW. Hurbert St. Suite B, Newport, Oregon

For more information or to schedule appointments
please contact Jeany at 541-272-0489
or contact on the web: Jeany@Forinashgallery.com

(updated: December 26th, 2012)
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